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flyXdrive is an engineering company providing 3D mobility solutions with fully integrated unmanned aerial systems. We provide professional solutions from data acquisition to specific drone design and adaption.

Our drones are automated, intelligent, robust, resilient and safe. We cooperate closely with authorities to ensure safe operation as well as to enable operation beyond visual line of sight.

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Engineering Services

You are looking for an individual 3D- mobility solution? Whether you are looking for experts in automation, electrical flight, flight beyond visual line of sight, vertical take-off and landing, or your customized solution – we will provide the best results. 

We support you to find the optimal solution for you. Our services include

  • Consulting
  • Design and development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Support regarding certification and authorization
  • Operation of small fleets for proof-of-concepts

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Data Acquisition

We operate a fleet of drones to aquire the data that is needed. Our fleet has a wide range of payload and includes multicopter, tilt-wing aircraft and conventional aircraft. Through previous missions and current research projects we are in close contact to the regulation authorities. So even data acquisition from altitudes higher than 100 m or BVLOS flight is possible. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Traffic data recorded from 300 m AGL

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