Interconnected, integrated UAS based data acquisition and processing for support of authorities and organizations with security tasks. A prerequisite for high efficiency of operations of authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) is a quick and thorough assessment of the situation. Aerial data provides valuable additional information for this task. For an effective use of the UAS by BOS, automatic vehicle operation as well as fully automatic data acquisition including data preparation and visualization has to be provided. Additionally the UAS have to be safely integrated into public airspace while operating beyond visual line of sight.


During a mass casualty incident a strict plan is required to categorize the patients, especially regarding their injuries and need of treatment. It is the objective of the FALKE project to gain targeted and highly detailed information of the accident and the medical condition of the involved persons by using a unmanned aerial system that is equipped with several sensors.


The project UNICARagil aims to develop a versatilely applicable platform for automated electric vehicles, which allows realizing different vehicles as private small cars, taxi vans or delivery vans by different combinations of the same modules. Central aspects of the research and development in this project are a kit of mechatronic modules, a modular software architecture based on uniform interfaces, and a powerful, functionally reliable architecture of the electric and electronic components. Within UNICARagil flyXdrive drones provide aerial sensor input to support autonomous navigation.