Feb 2021

Europe launches large-scale demonstrations for medical drones

Drones are emerging as a viable solution for urgent and reliable medical transport. SAFIR-Med, a recently-launched U-space large-scale innovation project will demonstrate how drones can be used to support Europe’s healthcare system to accelerate the adoption of drones into the healthcare system in a safe, sustainable and socially acceptable way.

SAFIR-Med (Safe and Flexible Integration of Advanced U-space Services for medical Air Mobility) will leverage the expertise of 17 renowned project partners supported by 8 cross industry advisory board members to demonstrate advanced U-space services enabling the highest possible operational safety level. These include detect-and-avoid as a service, dynamic geofencing and air traffic prioritization rules. Five drone platforms will be combined with manned aviation in operational exercises validating technology in real urban environment. The demonstration results will be further virtually enhanced through large-scale simulations in order to evaluate the maximum airspace capacity of the given locations.

flyXrive provides the eVTOL tiltwing platform, our fully automated tiltwing UAV TW-Neo with VTOL capability. The eVTOL will be demonstrated in three different scenarios, transporting urgend medical goods in Antwerpen and Aachen. To achieve this, we bring our extensive experience with BVLOS operation to the project.

The demonstrations will take place in collaboration with healthcare actors like hospitals and medical spaces in the cities of Antwerp (BE), Aachen (DE), Heerlen (NL) and Maastricht (NL), leveraging the MAHHL trans-border region. To achieve this, for the next two years SAFIR-Med will collaborate with representatives from the entire urban air mobility value chain as either project partners (ANSP/ATC, USSP, Operator, UAS Manufacturers, cities) or advisory board members (public authorities including cities, healthcare actors, technology & service providers).

The SAFIR-Med project partners are:

Over the following months project news, publications and outputs will be available on the official project webpage at and distributed via the project social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter @SAFIRmedEU. For more on U-space, visit

The project has received recognition and funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101017701 under the topic “SESAR-VLD2-03-2020: U-space capabilities and services to enable Urban Air Mobility”.

Nov 2020

Successful Milestone demonstration within VISION

On November 18th 2020 the intirim milestones within the VISION project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital infrastructure’s mFUND were successfully demonstrated.

Within VISION a system is realized to enable authorities and organizations with security tasks to use unmanned aerial systems more easily with distinct advantages. Key developments over the integration into airspace, automation and intelligent data management.

Due to the Corona-pandemic the meeting was held digitally, impressively demonstrating the project progress through previously recorded Videos from flight tests. Demonstrated topics covered the cloud server structure including reflections on rights of use, task based mission control, mission and path planning as well as flight tests. The VISION system includes outdoor-drones able to operate beyond visual line of sight and indoor-drones able to navigated safely without GNSS-coverage. Flight tests of the oudoor-drone demonstrated the airspace integration through communication of the UAS to the DFS UTM-System and simulated results of conflict avoidance. Whereas the indoor-drones successfully demonstrated in flight the navigation and collision avoidance indoors. The demonstration was attended by several guests from highly diverse backgrounds with downright positive feedback. Important for the project work is also the placement of the project within the future of the fire brigade through Dirk Aschenbrenner, Director of the fire brigade Dortmund.