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3 May 2022 Grand opening of the “Center for Vertical Mobility” in Aldenhoven

Minister Prof. Pinkwart (Wirtschaftsminister), Minister Brandes (Verkehrsministerin), Rektor of RWTH Aachen University Prof. Rüdiger and Landrat Wolfgang Spelthahn opened the CVM by pressing the start button for the first flight at the new “Center for Vertical Mobility” (CVM). Also onstage Peter Kaptain (stellv. Landrat Kreis Düren), Dr. Tobias Ostermann (RWTH Aachen University), Ralf Claßen (Bürgermeister Aldenhoven), Patricia Peil (NRW Landtagsabgeordnete), Michael Jungwirth (member of management board Vodafone) and flyXdrive CEO Dr. Johanna Holsten.

During the event two fully automatic flights with the flyXdrive TW-Neo were demonstrated by RWTH Aachen University Institute for Flight System Dynamics and flyXdrive. The unmanned aerial system started from a platform at Aldenhoven testing center where real traffic situations can be simulated. “Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC) is a state-of-the art interdisciplinary testing center for mobility”. And also part of the Future Mobility Park. The location of the CVM in the proximity of the ATC provides multiple benefits to further explore the synergies between automated driving and flying. Similar systems need to be tested, unmanned aerial vehicles can provide traffic information as an external sensor but also gather data to enhance traffic simulations. All this will be possible in future in the region of Aldenhoven.

Official Liftoff “Center for Vertical Mobility”

About “Center for Vertical Mobility” in Aldenhoven – Rheinisches Revier

Center for Vertical Mobility is the first and unique competence and testing center for vertical mobility in Germany, located at Rheinisches Revier. Focus of research are manned and unmanned aerial systems, from medical drones to air-taxis, which are able to start vertically and feature a high level of automation. The CVM will be located within the Future Mobility Park Aldenhoven.

Future Mobility Park Aldenhoven

The CVM with its infrastructure and environmental conditions provides important possibilities for flyXdrive and its partners. It enables flight testing in a safe environment and provides infrastructure for systems tests ranging from communication to collision avoidance. Different projects to further research the integration of unmanned aerial systems into airspace taking into consideration requirements from different stakeholders are planned within the CVM.

Structural Change &  Energy Transition at Rheinisches Revier

The perfectly organized event also highlighted the structural change and energy transition happening within the region “Rheinisches Revier”. Both topics were addressed in the opening speeches of minister Prof. Pinkward and minister Brandes. flyXdrive is looking forward to future activities at the CVM and thanks all visitors and partners joining us at the CVM.Liftoff.